I offer a wide range of readings depending on your needs, feel free to explore these different options and don’t hesitate to contact me if you need a customised reading…

Seeker $10

A one card draw which shines a light on any given situation, an illuminating situational draw.

Past/Present/Future $25

A three card draw which will explore the past, illuminate the present and explore a possible outcome or give advice on how to best move forward.

Celtic Cross $75

A classic ten card spread which is suitable for most situations, it gives background, insight and provides a possible outcome as well as dealing with fears, hopes and dreams.

General Spread $95

A twelve card reading which deals with the recent past, the heart of the current issue and explores what the nextcoming six months hold for you.

Relationship Spread $115

A fourteen card spread which explores the relationship between yourself and another person or a situation, as well as providing illuminating information on the nature of the relationship and a possible outcome.

Year ahead/Zodiac Spread $200

A thirteen card spread which gives you an overview of the upcoming year, alternatively it explores your different Astrological Houses.

Numerology $95

A reading done without Tarot cards, it explores your personality based on your date of birth.

Astrology $55

This condensed reading explores certain aspects of your astrological chart to give insight and understanding.