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This three card reading explores the past which has led to the present and what you can expect from the future so that you may positively affect it. $15

Celtic Cross

This classic ten card Celtic Cross reading is best suited for specific questions, it provides advice and a final outcome prediction. $35

General Spread

This twelve card six month general reading is for anyone who wants a broad heads-up without any specific question, can be focused on a specific area. $40

Relationship Spread

Romantic or otherwise, this fourteen card reading examines the relationship between the querent and anything, likely final outcome included. $45

Year Spread

This thirteen card year or Zodiac reading examines the year ahead with a central theme card, for a broad perspective and general heads-up. $120

Numerology/Astrology Readings

I also provide numerology readings as well as certain astological aspect readings, feel free to enquire about details and pricing.


My Mission

To spread Love, Light and Gratitude and help others access this same energy by means of Spirit. I help people move forward in a positive direction on their Path towards Self Enlightenment and Love through the occult arts of tarot, numerology and astrology. If you require a reading please feel free to contact me.

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Kind words of support and gratitude from some of my clients, thank you.
WOW. Sebastian I am completely blown away. It's like you knew exactly what has been happening in my life. You have a true gift. Word by word your sentences rang true. It's truly amazing you can be so in touch with an energy that can't be seen.


Hi Seb, I've found my life purpose. After your reading I listened to my soul and found I'd been given signs for a long time but ignored them while pursuing the daily grind. Now I've recognized, and decided to go for it, everything has fallen into place. Study, avenues for employment, acquaintances who have reached out to support me in this journey! It's still going to be a lot of hard work to get there, but it's happy, transformative work. So no biggie! Thank you for your reading it was a catalyst for change.


I don't even know what to say. This was way more in depth than I was thinking - thank you so much for taking your time and effort to do this! Everything you said was so precise. There were things that I didn't know or even had a slight idea of that you picked right up and confirmed. This has definitely been an amazing experience and I feel like its going to help me out a lot. You're impeccable. Thank you so much!


Hi Seb, that's really interesting, and definitely describes where I am at right now, definitely! I just hope that the future is as exciting as described. Thank you for a great reading.



For any reading requests or for comments in general, feel free to contact me. Thank you.